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Absolute Quality and Certification ®

Quality & Satisfaction. Our First Priority

Our strict policy focus on controlling every step of the fabrication process from the plantation to the final product delivery. We created our own vision of quality to best respect our customer’s expectations.


In order for us to keep the absolute quality, we are comprised of following policies, an institution, and a certification.

Vertical Production

  • Allows quality follow-up from plantation to finished product.

Pharmaceutical Grade Factory

  • Avoids contamination
  • Ensure highest grade quality

Quality Team

  • People dedicated to Sanki Absolute Quality
  • Constant improvement

BSCG Certified Drug Free

-No doping agent
-Trust of athletes

Japanese Food Research Laboratory

-Certified independent laboratory for quality control.

NSF GMP and Products Certification

-Shows that products follows quality standards
-Ensure trust of consumers

Following International Standards

Each Sanki Mayor factory and manufacturer are following the GmP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and FSA (Feed Safety Assurance) by NSF. These certifications are delivered by an external organization after strict audits to ensure our factories follow their criteria. They are a strong proof of our commitment to best respect our costumer’s expectations.

We believes in offering safe and effective products with constant traceability and visibility. All our end-products are controlled and approved before their release.

To ensure our permanent Absolute Quality, we established pharmaceutical grade controls in all stages of our processes.

Our internal manufacturing controls provide documented proof that correct procedures are consistently followed at each step of processing and every time a batch extraction is made.

Extensive controls cover the sanitation and hygiene of our facilities, personnel, utensils and machinery are strictly ensured.

Controls are also in place for handling materials through out each step of the production process, such as work sheets, assuring consistency from batch-to-batch, easy monitoring and averting any chances of contamination and adulteration.