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World Most Concentrated Magnesium Complex

Inner7® is a balanced complex of minerals from deep sea water from a depth of more than 300 meters. Daily dosage of Inner7® (2ml) contains 110 mg of magnesium, which is combined with more than 50 other minerals offering a highly bio- active complex.


Inner7® plays following many crucial roles in the body:

  • Improves transit and increases feeling of lightness
  • Supports balanced pH in the body
  • Supports body’s fat burning system
  • Supports hormone balance and diabetes parameters
  • Support relaxation and healthy nervous system

    Pumping process
    The collection of Inner7® deep seawater is done through a 2,600m pipe from a depth of 321m. This area has been designated by Japanese government to be a model zone for research and development of deep seawater.

    Deep see water has a much smaller chance of exposure to pollution from bacteria or chemical substances. Inner7® minerals offer an unmatched quality and purity.

    Inner7® contains bio-minerals listed below which tend to be deficient in our modern-day bodies. Each mineral is essential for proper functioning of body.

    • Magnesium helps convert blood sugar to energy, and is a natural anti-stress agent; it also attracts water to the intestines as soon as digested and reduces constipation.
    • Calcium helps reduce body acidity.
    • Selenium has effect on Vitamin C regeneration and protects micro-circulation.
    • Potassium regulates the heart and muscles, and promotes the smooth transmission of signals caused by stimulus along nerves •Copper regulates blood cholesterol.

      Efficacy from first intake 

     Inner7® contains the magnesium as core ingredient for immediate efficacy that customers can feel from the first intake:

    • Minerals in Inner7® are in a liquid form easily absorbed by the body.
    • The complex has high bio-availability and gives results within 10-15 minutes.
    • Inner7® minerals are balanced for a complete and immediate assimilation in the digestive tract.

    As product has fast activity, it is better to take it on wake-up time, as an “internal shower” that will speed up transit. 

    Inner7® Mg VS Mg Oxide

    : In participants who received single dose of Inner7® product, the total magnesium level 7 hours after oral administration was higher (2.02 mmol/L) compared to magnesium oxide (0.77 mmol/L). 


    • +30% Diuretic effect
    • -12.5% Decreased Glycemia
    • +16.5 Increased Free estrogen absorptio